hockey sticks and pink bows: adventure #5

One of my favorite qualities about my little red head is that she will eat a.n.y.thing! And the only reason that this is one of my favorite qualities is because if I had three picky eaters, I think I would lose my mind…two is enough. 🙂

My oldest is starting to expand his horizons when it comes to food and my little guy is in love with mac-and-cheese. Thankfully, my little red head is in love with all of it. And I have to be honest…I was born in Ohio and I am a true mid-westerner – I like my steak and potatoes (meaning I’m a little plain-Jane in the food department too).

When it comes to food, the boys complain that I make similar dinners (that I know they’ll eat) all of the time, yet when we go out to eat, they eat exactly the same foods that I make all of the time. I can’t win!

I have ALWAYS wanted to eat at a food truck. It just seems cool and it would make me believe that I’m not so set in my ways. 🙂

This week was actually going to be a ‘movie in the park’ week for our adventure, but I was off on my days and I discovered that our local park, Oviedo on the Park, has Food Truck Thursdays every week. So our adventure this week revolved around trying new foods and experiencing life outside of our house and neighborhood. (And thank you to my cousin for suggesting this same thing last week! :))


Through this experience of creating a weekly adventure, I’ve come to accept that there will be complaining in the beginning. Someone will argue with me that we should head home, or the boys will fight or the red head will be so obstinate that I just want to give in to everyone else’s demands…but I don’t. And I’m realizing that the initial struggle is completely worth it!

After every single adventure, one, if not both, of the boys say that they ‘had so much fun’ and were glad that we did it. The red head – she just shows up because she has no choice and luckily her brothers are her idols so as long as they can handle it, she can too. So parents…persist. They’ll realize that you know what you’re talking about. Have faith in your judgement and keep on, keeping on.

Both of the boys tried foods that they had never had before. One of the two boys loved his BBQ and the other wasn’t so fond of the coconut on his shrimp but at least he tried it. He was happy to put on the spectacle of spitting out his food, but, whatever – if you’ve had kids, that kind of thing doesn’t bother you much. The little redhead ate the chicken I got her as well as trying her brothers leftovers.

Because the location was in a park, they were able to run around and enjoy the weather (knock on wood – it really hasn’t been that bad in FL after 7 pm lately). The little redhead was ‘escorted’ by my #2 man anywhere that she wanted to go and we ended the night with some ice cream that was absolutely delicious.

All in all, I loved it, they loved it, and I felt pretty darn good about being a single mom creating memories of a ‘first’. I will one day be able to tell my grandkids all about how I took their parents to their first food truck. I should be proud, right?!? 🙂

Should you decide that you want to do the same with your family:

* Check every local city website for the free events that they have going on in their parks. Food Truck nights are becoming/are very popular.

* You could probably schedule an entire week of food truck eating, based on how large the metropolis is that you live in/near. I discovered that I could have selected Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night(s) to fulfill this adventure because of the local cities holding these events.

* Food trucks weren’t as inexpensive as I thought they would be. Think roughly Panera-type pricing. I went into it even thinking that it would be roughly “value menu” type pricing and I was completely wrong. BUT the food is completely worth it!! AND most accept credit card now.

* If your city park happens to have something similar, do it! Choose to experience this in this manner because there’s a good chance that there is a playground that the kids can play in afterward and run off all of their energy and you can have a night where you can sit in a chair, after bedtimes, and not be so exhausted that you immediately fall asleep.

How did I do this?

#1: Get them excited! Excitement is contagious – if you are excited, they will get excited.

#2: Materials: I printed each of the flyers above and added them to our notebook.

#3: During our time together, I took pictures and then printed them onto a third page, in a collage form. Our next adventure will repeat this process – print out a description of the adventure, print out a collage of pictures from the adventure. Then add it to a notebook/folder so that when the year is over we can go through and relive some wonderful memories.

Slowing down enough to enjoy every second of this has been worth the effort that I’ve put in to experience these adventures with the kids.

Happy Adventures to you and your family!


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