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learning to love life after divorce

SELRES_a2d30519-7613-4125-8ec9-2d3b2c659ed4Welcome to my life. My crazy, hockey-filled, smile-filled, giggle-filled, crazy life. Join me on my journey to return to normalcy after breaking free from a dark place known as divorce…or at least as normal as you can be with three kids.

I try to find a ‘win’ in each day – regardless of the size of the ‘win’. Even the small ‘wins’ help encourage me to push through the hard stuff. Eventually, the ‘wins’ become bigger and the new life you have becomes the norm and things become exciting again.

That’s where I’m at and I can’t wait to share how the best days of my life are on the horizon.

When I first started this blog I was working through the divorce process and co-parenting…now I can say that I’ve put so much of it behind me that I’m ready to turn the page and start the next chapter of my life.

Join me for the next chapter!

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Life SELRES_a2d30519-7613-4125-8ec9-2d3b2c659ed4